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Job Interview


In this section a type of interview is conducted in front of the examiner. The examiner checks the skills of the test taker like fluency, vocabulary, grammar and clarity of pronunciation. The test taker will introduce himself, deliver the given topic and answer the questions in three parts of the test. The topics of the speaking test are mostly related to everyday life like study, job, home, family and hobbies etc.

Speaking Part 01

This is the introductory part of the speaking test, in which the test taker will have to introduce himself in 4 to 5 minutes. The examiner can ask questions in between and the test taker will have to answer them. It can be difficult to prolong the introduction to 5 minutes and it requires some skills. The examiner will ask questions related to your family, work, education, sports, food and hometown etc. The test taker should give reasonable answer which are neither too long nor short. By including feelings, past and future perspectives and give examples that explain your opinion, this will make your answer interesting and reasonable in length. the test taker should be proactive, make good impression and show interest in the questions this will possibly impress the examiner. the things that should be avoided are Yes/No answers, low tone, going off topic and being silent when question is asked.

Speaking Part 02

This part is related to a topic delivery in which the test taker will present a specific topic. The examiner will provide a paper note on which the topic and the questions or bullet points related to it will be present. The test taker will prepare the topic within one minute and will present it in 1-2 minutes in front of the examiner. There should be a concrete strategy to prepare and deliver the given topic. The test taker should write down the key points he will raise on the topic sheet. Use correct tenses and talk about things with which you feel comfortable, there is no need to answer every question. If you have any question regarding the topic or bullet points you should ask confidently. The test taker should use the time wisely, expand his ideas and shouldn't be worried about the mistakes.

Speaking Part 03

This part is also a time consuming like the first part. In this part examiner will go deep in the topic and discussion will be initiated about the above parts. Most importantly the examiner will ask questions related to the topic delivered in the second part. It is compulsory to give answers of all the questions examiner has asked. If the test taker doesn't understand any question so he can ask the examiner once and then give his best possible answer. Besides that, the test taker can take a little time to formulate his answer. The tips that can be effective in this part of the speaking test are;

  • Take your time Ask questions and answer every single question

  • Identify what skill examiner wants to test

The questions asked by the examiner will be related to your opinion, evaluation, causes and effects and most importantly related to past and future.

IELTS Speaking Tips

  • Practice English regular: Practice makes a person perfect and practicing English will improve the test taker skills, will broadens his vocabulary and improve his fluency.

  • Be warmed up: Just like athlete the test taker should be warmed up. Mock tests will enable the test taker to have basic and enough knowledge about the upcoming test. If the test taker goes into the test without attending practice test so he may face difficulties in understanding the basics of the tests.

  • Full answers and mistake correction: Practicing full answers in mock tests will help the test taker to enhance their grammar and vocabulary. besides that, the mistake done while mock tests should not be ignored. Test takers should work on the pronunciation of unwanted sounds like umm, ah etc.

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