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5 Strategies to Foster a Creative Learning Environment in the Classroom


Instruction has become more complex for those who are familiar to conventional instruction strategies. Modern technology has made instruction and learning easy in a way, but still guidance is needed to educate individuals about creative, innovative and effective use of the strategies. We also appreciate those tutors who have made learning easy in the tough times of COVID-19, where all type of instructions shifted virtually. As the world is moving towards digital learning; therefore, we aim to guide students and teachers about the needs and necessary tools of virtual learning. Below are some of the tips for ensuring creative learning environment.

Encourage Students: Giving confidence to the students and enabling them to ask anything they want to know. Sometimes, the students don't know how to proceed with technical equipment's but they hesitate to ask, as a teacher we should be flexible to guide our students in each step.

Promote Collaboration: Providing an environment to the student where they can share learning materials, their ideas and discuss results with each other is the need of creative learning environment. Understanding the advancement of technology collaborative tools like google classroom and Padlets should be initiated in learning.

Respect Everyone: The students in the classroom belongs to different cultures and environments. Therefore, their perspectives are changed from each other. It should be ensured that each students is give equal opportunity and his opinion is treated with respect.

Emphasize Creativity: Include activities that encourage creativity, such as art projects, creative writing assignments, or problem-solving challenges. Allow students to express themselves in different ways.

Resources Availability: The students needs should be fulfilled and their should be enough resources to make their learning easy. These resources include books, gadgets and digital learning materials.

Some of the other aspects that should be added to a creative classroom include model creativity, create a safe space and celebrate each other achievements.


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