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Benefits of Customized Learning

Customized or personalized learning has many advantages which produce result oriented learning. some of the benefits are as follow.

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Time Saving

Customized learning saves time in a way that addressing a class of 20-30 students is different as compared to single student. One-on-one learning enables student to grasp concepts at speed on time. secondly time, place and style of learning is selected which is best suited to one-on-one learning. This enables the student to have ample of time at the end of course for exam preparation.

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Relevant Content

In customized learning the content of the course is targeted one. Student and teacher sit together and decide on the topics they will address. Students have the authority to choose majority of the topics in which he is weaker. On the other hand, educator will point out that content which is important on exam point of view. This type approach helps average students to score good in exams.​

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Increasing Engagement

Conventional learning styles only allows students to engage with his tutor once or maximum thrice a month. But in this type of learning every session or every day student meets his educator one-on-one. He can ask him different question without any interruptions from other people. Secondly the tutor can expose him to the surroundings and other experience educators.​

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Technology Involvement

Technology has become an important part of education system but still in conventional style of learning it is hard to engage. In customized learning virtual classes and trips can be arranged with the help of technology. Experimentation work and presentations etc. can also be done through the involvement of the technology. MATLAB software is the best example of it.

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Past Education Involvement

Past education play a vital role in students learning. In conventional learning it is hard to remember the past experiences of every student, but in one-on-one learning it is quite easy. If an educator knows the past education of a student so, he will quite easily manage his studies according to that. 

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Motivation and Creativity

Customized learning brings creativity and learning can be achieved with different styles. Secondly customized learning boosts the confidence of students and motivate them to learn more. Everyday engagement with tutors helps student to have a sense of relief and they feel at home while learning.

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Result Oriented Learning

Customized learning is carried out by keeping a specific procedure and goal in mind. Therefore, there are high possibilities that the course will end up on having healthier scores in exams. Apart from that students are exposed to different types of learning and how to approach their studies by managing time well.

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