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(Scholastic Aptitude Test)

Scholastic Aptitude test is used to take admissions in American colleges and universities. This test is conducted for the students of intermediate students. This test was started in 1926 and the name was changed several times but the common name used is Scholastic Aptitude Test. The test keeps an eye on the intelligence and readiness of the test taking Student's. The score of the test varies from 800-1600 collectively. the score is divided according to the sections of the test known as reading, writing, essay and mathematics. The time of the test is up to 4 hours in total.

Paper Craft

Importance of SAT

SAT is considered as the most important test for enrolling in the colleges and universities of United States. This test provides enough information about student's skills and grades to the university. Both the national and international students are bound to have SAT score before enrolling in any university. Some of the important factors of SAT test are as follow.

  1. It is considered as the standardized test and the scores are accepted by almost all the universities of United States.

  2. Those students who secure good scores can get up to $2500 scholarship.

  3. You can secure admission in a good college through SAT score instead of having bad grades.

  4. The SAT scores are not only limited to getting admission in college/university but instead it can be helpful in securing a job.

  5. The SAT course includes basic knowledge of English and Math's, besides that, it expands the domain of general knowledge.

Plan Your SAT

Identify Your Strengths and weaknesses

Attempt Minimum Two Practice Tests

Get Familiar With Rules and Rubrics

Study Extra Course

Relax before the Test Day

Go well Equipped For The Test

Eye Trial Frame

Test Format Breakdown

SAT is composed of three sections that are Reading, writing, and Mathematics. The total time that the test consumes is 4 hours and 15 minutes with breaks and an additional essay section. Without essays and breaks, the tests take about 3 hours while only without essays the test takes 3 hours and 15 minutes. The sections of reading and writing come under the broader section of evidence-based reading and writing. In January 2021 the board decided to remove additional essay options after June 2021.

Reading a Book


Reading Test Time

65 minutes

Amount of Questions

52 MCQs

Content covered

  • Reading Fluency

  • Vocabulary

  • Pronunciation

  • Understanding of words



Writing Test Time

35 minutes

Amount of Questions

44 MCQs

Content covered

  • Grammar and Usage

  • Clarity of words

  • Composition of sentences

Solving Math Problem


Math's Test Time

80 minutes

55 minutes with calculator

25 minutes without calculator

Amount of Questions

45 MCQs

13 student-produced responses

Content covered

  • Algebra

  • Advanced Math's

  • Complex problem solving

  • Geometry and Calculus

Composition of SAT Score

SAT score is the combination of the scores of two sections known as reading, writing and Math's section. Each section ranges from 200-800 points and the total score is 1600.  The score which is considered ideal is above 1300 while 1000 is marked as average score. The essay in the test is optional and due to this reason it will appear separately in the result. SAT can be scored in the raw numbers according to the number of correct options. Afterwards this raw score is converted in to scaled SAT score with the technique of equating. Sometime the scaling score can vary for the same raw score based on the difficulty level of the test. E.g. 57 raw score in the March test can be scaled as 800, while the same score is scored below 800 in June test. The score varied because June test was easier as compared to March. 

SAT Score Breakdown

Apart from the combined score SAT also provides different set of scores. these scores are known as Test scores, Cross-test scores and Sub scores. These different types of scores guides a student about his performance, the skills he possesses and the content levels in which he is lacking. 

Test score

In this part your SAT score is distributed as 40 points for each section. This is your overall SAT score. The section of reading/writing is divided into reading and writing and language while the math's section is separate.

Cross-Test score

There are two cross-test scores composed of 40 points each. In this type of scores your knowledge of science, history and social study is tested. The questions related to these topics can appear in any section. 

Sub scores

Sub Scores aware students about their strengths and weaknesses. Due to this feedback they can perform well in upcoming SAT. The scores can be in reading and writing and language or writing and language alone or in math section alone.

Known Countries that accept SAT

The countries which are well-structured in case of education have strict rules in terms of foreign admissions. They do not depend on the GPA or percentages of college or university. Besides that, they take notice of the extra-curricular activities and academic and English language tests.  The known countries where SAT is given more importance are given below.



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Tips for SAT

Learn by yourself

Use paper and sticky notes

Use Technology and access online lectures

Be creative 

Avoid other activities while study

Point out your weaknesses

Keep practicing

Tips for Practice

Get fully warmed up before test

Get Prepared

Get familiar with environment

Avoid usage of digital devices

Start the test

Follow top tips

Review the test after completion

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