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SAT is a type of exam recognized and accepted worldwide. The test cannot be taken lightly and it needs full assistance and guidance. We offer SAT course which will cover all the necessary ingredients required for SAT exam. All three sections will be covered and alongside that techniques will be thought to students on how to get good scores. The course will have a major focus on the grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation of the individuals.

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Tutors and Learning Styles

In any type of learning environment, the two important entities are the tutor and the student. But the brilliance of a student is mainly dependent on the tutor's attitude and knowledge. therefore, we have hired experienced and intelligent tutors. All of them have specializations in their respective fields. Secondly, they have already attended teacher's training programs.


On the other side, the learning styles have their importance as well. We will use both on-campus and virtual learning styles. The facilities required for learning in the classroom will be available as per the student’s desire. Trusted online learning software will be used for virtual learning. Computers and the internet are the two important things while virtual learning.

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Course Duration

The time allocated for the preparation of the course in both virtual and on-campus learning is the same. the total time the course will take is 35 days. There are three sections and each section will consume 10 days. Practice tests, interviews, and quizzes will be organized in the remaining five days. Every day a lecture of 1 to 2 hours will be delivered for any specific section. It is expected that the section of math will consume more time as compared to others. After every 8 days, a special session will be conducted for the understanding and ways to write an essay. At the end of the course, a mock test consisting of proper results will be conducted.

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