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IELTS Modules

IELTS test is composed of four papers and two modules. One is academic and the other one is general. IELTS academic is for students who want to pursue their education in foreign English thought universities while IELTS general is for all individuals who want to work or start business abroad.

IELTS paper consists of Listening, Writing, Reading and Speaking. All four papers are different from each other and require different skills and attributes to clear the IELTS examination.


IELTS Listening

It is a test of your listening, the test last for 40 minutes in which an individual have to listen a recording of 30 minutes and check out the answers in question sheet. In the end 10 minutes are given to transfer the answer from the passage sheet to the answer sheet. Recording can be conversation type between two to four individuals, it can be a speech or explaining a map etc. 

IELTS Writing

It is composed of 60 minutes and two tasks. first task take 20 minutes while the second task consumes 40 minutes. but time is all yours to manage, in the first task you have to write 150 words while in the second task you are bound to write at least 250 words. task 1 contains diagram or map which is to be illustrated in short essay format, in the 2nd task the test taker will respond to the prompt in a constructive way with his experience and everyday life examples.

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IELTS Reading

It is hard part of the test in which 60 minutes are given to solve the paper. it consists of 3 parts each having 20 minutes and it gets harder one by one. the best way is that spend less time on the first part so that the next two parts are managed well. The type of questions can be completing sentences, matching headings, fill in the blanks, diagram label completion and summary etc.

IELTS Speaking

It is a face to face recorded interview with examiner. it can last from 11 to 14 minutes and the time is mainly managed by the examiner. the individual has to introduce himself in which examiner can ask question. beside that a short discussion on a specific topic will take place. The examiner will check your fluency, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

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