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In this task the reading skills of test taker are under examination. The fluency and understanding of test taker is under consideration in IELTS reading test. It is composed of three passages in which the first passage is a bit easier as compared to other two. Academic and general both tests have different topics from each other.

Reading a Book


General Reading

IELTS general reading is based on general content. The passages of general test are related to materials which happens daily. The passages are taken from newspaper, advertisements, handbook, and notices. IELTS general reading is totally based on general topics like daily events related to politics, sports and entertainment etc.

Academic Reading

IELTS academic reading test is carried out for those students who are planning to study in English thought university. The topic of this paper is related to academic subjects and sometimes general topic can also be included. For this task the test taker should prepare both type of materials that are academic and general. the materials that should be read before appearing in the test are books, journals, magazines and newspapers. 

Time Management Tips

  • Skimming

    • It means that reading the passage quickly and understand the theme of the passage. there is no need to read every single sentence and extract exact meanings of the sentence. most of the times the question related to the passage are based on the theme or summary of the whole passage.​

  • Focus on first and last paragraph

    • First paragraph means the introduction of the passage. This paragraph gives us pure idea about the upcoming paragraphs and contents to which it is related to. the last paragraph is also known as conclusion and it combines the main points of the whole passage. Therefore it is necessary to focus on these two paragraphs and most of the time this strategy works.​

  • Key points identification

    • while skimming underlining key words will help the test taker to yield concepts from the whole passage in the end.​

  • Understand the demand of question

    • Before starting to write the answers it is key to read all the questions carefully and understand what they require in answers. Sometimes the questions may vary and can require more than one options in answers. ​

  • Answer every question and review your answer

    • As there is no concept of negative marking in IELTS test, therefore its necessary to answer all the questions. besides that, its also import to go through the answers gain and check if there is any mistake which can be corrected.​

Types of Questions

Multiple choice and fill in the blanks

After reading and skimming the text some questions will be multiple choice. In this options will be provided which will be most relevant and have about same meaning. In these type of question some will have more than one correct options, which will be clarified in question. Besides that, a question can be fill in the blanks type in which no options will be provided.

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