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IELTS Bands by countries

IELTS is a type of test which is very diverse and accepted all over the world. The test is valid for academic use as well as general. the general test is for those who wants to work abroad while academic test is for those individuals who want to study abroad. The IELTS required bands criteria vary according to the countries and universities. it is also possible that within the same country two different universities have different criteria. It is to be kept in mind that all high class universities have tough band requirement, this is because they do not want to compromise on their level of education. Some of the known countries where IELTS is must for non-natives are United Kingdom, United states, Germany, Australia and Canada.

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United Kingdom Bands requirements

  • United Kingdom has its own specific IELTS test known as UKVI.

  • there are different band requirements for different tier Visas.

  • In UK the visa is divided into 4 tiers.

  • The standard band requirement for UK is 6 bands.

  • The bands required for foundation degree is 4.5 while for bachelor degree it is 6.5

  • For master's degree the standard bands required are 6.5 bands.

  • Bands required for university of Oxford is 7.

  • university of Southampton and Glasgow needs 6 bands.

Canada Bands requirements

  • Canada is one of the top-notch study destination, a dream country for everyone.

  • The overall band required for study visa of Canada is 6.0 bands.

  • It is compulsory that every band should be at least 5.5 bands.

  • Bachelor's, diplomas and certificate courses require 6/6.5 bands.

  • Post-graduate and master's degrees require 6.5 bands with no module less than 6.0 bands.

  • University of Alberta require 6.5 bands with speaking bands 7.5 and all other bands 5.0 or above.

  • University of Sudbury and Ottawa require 6.5 overall bands.

Australia Bands requirements

  • Australia is also considered in few countries which are desirable for education.

  • The overall bands required for master's and above admissions in Australia are 6.5 with no module band less than 6.0.

  • overall bands required for Bachelor's degree are 6 with no less than 5.5 bands in each module.

  • World 24th ranked Australian National University require 6.5 and 7.0 bands for undergraduate and graduate courses respectively. 

  • Maximum universities require 6.0 to 6.5 bands but there are some universities which require 5.5 bands like Australian Catholic and Charles Darwin university.

USA Bands requirements

  • United States of America is highly dependent on TOEFL along with IELTS test.

  • The overall bands required for an American visa is 6.5 with no module bands less than 6.0.

  • America is one of the countries which is strict on its language requirement criteria.

  • For bachelors the required band is 6.5 while for post-graduate and above the required band is 6.0

  • Florida international university require overall bands of 6.5.

  • Troy university require 5.5 bands for undergraduate and 6 bands for graduates.

  • University of Alabama require 6.0 bands for bachelor's and master's degree both.

Germany Bands requirements

  • Germany is considered as technological hub.

  • Students related to technical fields and especially vehicles are interested in studying in German institutes.

  • The overall bands required for German universities is 6.0 to 6.5 bands with no sub-band less than 6.0

  • Technical university of Munich and university of Heidelberg require IELTS bands of 6.5.

  • University of Regensburg and Ruhr University require 6.0 bands.

  • University of Konstanz and University of Dusseldorf require 5.5 bands overall.

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