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IELTS is a test which cannot be cleared without any assistance. the test is different from other conventional tests. there are many tricks which are hidden and  unknown to those test takers who haven't attended IELTS learning courses. It is composed of four papers in which different types of questions are asked. The goals of the test are to test the English language skills of the test taker in terms of his vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and clarity of words.

Our Tutors and Learning Styles

we have qualified and experienced tutors who will guide you through all four modules. The tutors are experts in these respective modules and some are native English tutors. The students have the authority and they are allowed to ask questions and take extra classes to learn. Our site is online access to the students where they can visit having basic knowledge of IELTS modules. The students can hire tutors after they find our site interesting informative and helpful. We are here to provide you IELTS course in different learning styles that are face to face physical learning and virtual or online learning. It is depended on the desire of students that how they want to prepare, whether in virtual environment or physical environment. Our management and Tutors are sure about it that the learning will be of same quality and will not depend on the platform. grammar vocabulary listening audios news paper

student and teacher

Physical learning

In this type of learning style a physical tutor will be allocated to the student. Physical teaching is basically face to face teaching in which both student and tutor will be physically present. This learning style is best suited to those students who belongs to USA. In this learning style it is compulsory for the students to have necessary learning gadgets like Pen, notebook and IELTS books. The tutor will provide you assistance in all four modules with the use of white-board and if necessary with some vocabulary notes. The tutor will also help with general daily life items like newspapers and magazines etc., this will eventually make your reading skills better.

Virtual Lesson

Virtual Learning 

Virtual teaching means online education in which the student and tutor are connected through online platform. This teaching style is for those students who belongs to other countries and cannot attend classes physically. The online platforms which will be used for virtual learning are Google meet, MS Teams and zoom etc., these are video conferencing platforms possessing all the desired facilities. The option of texting, screen sharing and audio lecture delivery are present on these platforms which make teaching just like physical teaching. In this type of learning the Tutor will provide all the necessary documents in PDF format.

Course Duration

The Duration of the course in both physical and virtual learning styles will be 45-50 working days. Every day the tutor is bound to deliver a lecture of two hours. As there are four modules, therefore every module will be given 10 days each. The last 5 to 10 days are allocated for mock tests and interviews. 

Activities ahead

  • All four IELTS Modules to thought covering all key topics

  • IELST book 15 and 16 will be followed.

  • Tips will be given how to make your listening clear to different accents.

  • Vocabulary and Grammar classes will be arranged to strengthen your writing and speaking skills.

  • Presentations on general topics will be arranged.

  • Reading newspaper or Magazine articles on daily bases will be compulsory for students.

  • Different videos and audios will be shown to the students for learning and guidance in the test. 

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