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9th to 12th

Study chemistry

The section before named as grade 6th to 8th chemistry is totally based on the basics of the subject. like what is chemistry? what are its branches? what is periodic table etc. In grade 9th to 12th the level of learning changes from basic to pre-advanced level. In these classes the chapters include more information and explains everything deeply. Secondly the Tutors are more advanced and experienced. Educators play vital role in the development of knowledge and students will have access to those educators who are experts and researchers. The tutors will vary according to the level of study and practical basic level of experimentations will took place e.g. litmus paper test etc. In these grades both face to face and virtual learning is available and tutors also vary according to the learning style. Digital technology and visual experimentation videos will be used to help students grasp the concepts.

Desired topics

9th and 10th Grade

  • We can say that 9th to 12th grade is the intermediate level of chemistry. 

  • In 9th and 10th grade the students are thought about basics required for intermediate level i.e. 11th and 12th grade.

  • The topics are related to acid, bases and salts. their definitions and explanation about their chemical existence and reactions.

  • Metals, non-metals, corbans and their compounds will also be discussed in these grades.

  • Besides that, in 9th and 10th grade tutors will educate students about chemical reactions and equations.

  • Introductory labs are conducted in which different instruments, their precautions and usage is thought to the students.

11th Grade

  • In 11th grade things get more advanced atoms, elements and deep explanation of periodic table is studied.

  • In periodic table elements are identified that from which group which element belongs, what is the reason behind that? what are their bonding's etc.

  • S-block and P-block elements of periodic table are prioritized and there are separate chapters for these elements.

  • Thermodynamics, equilibrium and environmental chemistry are also some of the topics included in 11th grade chemistry.

  • Proper labs are conducted in which different experiments took place and their results are noted in practical work notebook.

12th Grade

  • 12th grade is that stage in which a student base is developed for bachelor's degree.

  • Chemistry is a subject in which periodic table has the most importance. We can also say that periodic table is the summary of the subject.

  • In 12th grade the whole periodic table is studied by the students and tutors try their best to induce every single concept of periodic table.

  •  Every group and period element is examined and noticed that what happen when a certain element is mixed with other. In short chemical reactions are examined.

  • Proper labs are conducted in which different experiments took place and their results are noted in practical work notebook.

  • The other topics which are also under consideration are chemical industries and environmental effects.

Chemistry Class

What We Offer

As we know that 9th to 12th grade chemistry is advanced as compared to 8th class this means that the level of study will also upgrade. the tutors will be more experienced and the style of learning will be advanced. separate tutors will be advised for students and they can chose style of learning whether it is virtual or face to face. We are offering different packages according to students intelligence and economic position. students will be given opportunities to participate in classes actively. There is a possibility that physically present students maybe given site tours if possible. Besides that, proper labs will be conducted in higher secondary level where different experimentations will took place.

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