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Undergraduate and higher grade chemistry


Chemistry is considered one of the important branches of science and plays a vital role in power and energy. we offer the best tutors for all levels of chemistry who are experienced and experts. Bachelor's level which is also known as undergraduate and Master's or MPhil which is known as post-graduate are thought by our skillful educators. At this higher level, the subject is thought on semester bases in which the core subjects are divided into semesters. The curriculum on which we will focus will be one recognized by the higher education council of every country. The students will be involved in different experiments and semester-wise projects. The students will get assistance from the tutors in assignments and experiments. Both face-to-face and virtual style of learning is offered by our tutors but physical appearance is more appreciated. Students can also request to swipe their tutors if not satisfied. It will be our far most priority to satisfy students about their learning. At this level, more technological involvement will be present to guide and educate individuals. 

Chemistry Class

Outline and Duration

  • The basics of every student are very strong up till this level, students know what they are up to and what type of study they will have to face.

  • The number of semesters varies from country to country, in some countries the bachelor's semesters are six while in some countries they are seven.

  • There are two semesters every year and these semesters include an outline related to chemistry and its branches.

  • Every branch of chemistry is studied deeply at the bachelor's level while research is carried out on any specific topic at the master's or MPhil level.

  • The streams of chemistry which have a good scope are biochemistry, environmental chemistry, industrial chemistry, etc. 

  • Basic branches like organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry are thought in the first semester of the undergraduate degree.

  • The second semester includes the analytical and applications of computers in chemistry.

  • Polymer, green, industrial, and instrumental chemistry are studied in the 3rd and 4th semesters.

  • IT skills for chemists, business skills for chemists, and technology in chemistry are some topics addressed in the last two years of undergraduate study.

  • In the above points, some known topics which are thought by our tutors are mentioned.

  • Students will regularly be assigned tasks related to practical work which will polish their skills.

  • Besides that, if possible students will get industrial and environmental trips where they will notice the involvement of chemistry in different areas.

  • The work and learning will be mainly based on theory along with some experimentation and practical work. 

  • Virtual labs, experiments, and industrial visits will be under consideration.

Chemistry Lab

What We Offer

Undergraduate and postgraduate level chemistry is the highest level of chemistry subject. students who are intelligent and score good marks up till higher secondary level can pursue this degree. If the level of education or chemistry will increase so automatically the level of tutors will go up. We offer best, experience and scholars of chemistry subject to teach students. Separate tutors will be offered to students, which will enable them to concentrate on the subjects. Virtual labs and experimental work will be offered to students which will enhance their practical work. It is possible that the physically present students may be given site tours. The website offers different packages to the students according to their intelligence and economic background. Students will also get assistance in assignments and project work. on this higher level the tutors will make sure to be active 24/7 and help students where they face problems. Packages for undergraduate and above level are as follow.

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