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6th to 8th

Every age and grade student can approach us and we will provide great assistance. there will be separate tutors for each grade and one-on-one classes will be ensured to students. the classes curriculum will be up to the desire of students and what is demanded from them in schools. In short that pattern will be followed which is approved from education department. A detail lesson guide will be provided to students before they start their classes. below are some of the known topics which will be covered by the tutor during the designated time.

Desired topics

  • 6th to 8th grade is the base of all science courses, therefore it will be ensured by our tutors that students have good base to construct on.

  • One of the most important topic is matter, which includes solid, liquid, gas and now plasma is considered as the fourth state of matter. This topic will be prioritized by our tutors.

  • It is also important for the students to know that how the states changes from one to another. What are the processes and chemical reactions behind that?

  • Density of an object is also very important to know at basic level. Although volume and mass has its own importance as well.

  • In chemistry subject periodic table has its own great importance. the students should know how many elements are there, how much are protons, electrons and neutrons. The tutors will also teach students about bonding and energy level etc.

  • Besides that, chemical reactions and dissolving, non-dissolving matters are topics which will be addressed from grade 6th to 8th.

  • In these grades about 100% work will be theoretical and there may be little experimental work.

What we offer

6th to 8th grade chemistry is the basic level of chemistry subject. The tutors are experienced and experts in their subject i.e. chemistry. The topics of all three grades are different from each other therefore the tutors will also vary. There will be one-on-one separate sessions. both face to face and virtual sessions options are available. It will be ensured by the educators that the quality of online sessions is same as face to face sessions. Digital technology will be used for additional help and students will be shown different types of experimentations. Three types of offers are available which can be seen below.

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