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Make Your Mind Clear

Different negative myths about customized learning are present which are considered invalid by our company. We tackle those myths by our responsive strategies and giving importance to the opinions of stakeholders i.e. students and teachers.

Electronic Devices

Reliance on Technology

This is one of the most important negative myth about personalized or customized learning. Fresher's to this style of learning should ignore this because of the following valid reasons.

  • Researchers thinks that personalized learning is heavily based on technology which includes e-learning. In reality the situation is different because it includes a lot of human effort.

  • technology is supportive aspect of personalized learning which includes computers and internet etc.

  • Customized learning has its limitations considering technology involvement, because proper planning, scheduling and strategies are required which is possible by face-to-face discussion of student and tutor.

  • Technology can only be used as platform to enhance learning, but the mindset that customized learning is dependent on technology is invalid. Physical training is the best example of it.


Self-paced Learning

Some of the researchers and individuals thinks that personalized learning is self-paced and depends on the student mainly to control the timings of customized learning. We think opposite of it because of the following reasons.

  • Students and teachers are allowed to make their own respective goals and plans but in the end they have to share and discuss. This step removes the aspect of self-paced or single individual driven learning style.

  • Both stakeholders discuss, plan and strategies the process of learning. Number of sessions, timings, quizzes and assignments are finalized by mutual interaction.

  • The concept that learning pace is dominated by  student and tutor only lose sense in our company learning  style. This is because our timetable and scheduling of classes, quizzes and assignments etc. is dependent most on standard education outline and timetable.

  • The above step ensures that we are up to the mark and our students doesn't have any disadvantage regarding time.


Limited To Learning

A concept has emerged recently that customized and personalized learning is only limited to learning and consider it a little boring. Our company has different views and we considered personalized learning as creative learning in which differed things can be added.

  • Virtual experimentations are possible while learning through our platform.

  • Virtual as well as physical visits will be made possible for students to industries. This will provide an opportunity to students to know about the practicality of the work.

  • The possibility of exposing students to different groups is also present. This will help students to boost their confidence while working or learning in front of other individuals.

  • Sometimes the assignments will be play-based and knowledge will be gained through that process.

Prism on Hand

Not a Human-centered Approach

The approach depends on the involvement of different factors and equipment's. Our company emphasizes human centered approach instead of technology and machine based approach. Some of the arguments which are considered by our company are as follow.

  • face-to-face learning will be prioritized with 70% or above work practically and theoretically without involvement of technology.

  • The progress of learning will be dependent on the stamina of stakeholders and the plans they have made to approach learning.

  • Interaction between student, teacher and our platform will be made possible on regular bases.

  • Students and tutor ideas will be given importance.

To know more and get started with us join us today.

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