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Four Standard ACT Study PlaNs

Plan 01: Three months medium intensity plan

This is a type of normal study plan which can be easily implemented. The plan is composed of 80 hours in total or 6 hours every week. The students have different aims and they want to gain specific points. This plan will help you gain up to 6 points as compared to your baseline score. The plan can be executed any time of the year but looking into the time consumption of the plan the summer is the ideal part of the year for this plan. Below is the week by week plan execution of this plan.

1st Month

Week 01
Learn the ACT Format

  • Official practice test is the first step in the week in standard conditions.

  • Score and analyze the test.

  • Understand the overall ACT format.

Week 02
Focus on English

  • Learn about the English test format.

  • Cover ACT grammar.

  • Cover all punctuation rules.

  • Practice graf-by-graf reading strategy.

Week 03
All about Reading

  • Know and understand the format of the reading test.

  • Learn about different reading strategies.

  • Practice the passage reading strategies you know.

Week 04
English and Reading Strategies

  • Focus on grammar and vocabulary.

  • Learn more English and Reading strategies.

  • Practice all the strategies you have learned.

2nd Month

Week 01
Learn about Math's

Week 02
Learn deeply about Math's

Week 03
Basic Science

Week 04
Math's and Science Strategies

  • Understand about the math test format.

  • Learn basic concepts of Mathematics.

  • Cover the basic topics like Algebra, Geometry and Functions.

  • Cover important geometric concepts.

  • Cover all the necessary topics of Math's.

  • Remember and understand the concepts of formulas.

  • Understand the science test format.

  • find different passage reading strategies for science.

  • Practice your desired strategy.

  • Learn the science and math's test strategies.

  • Practice these strategies.

  • Understand and learn what writing test format is.

3rd Month

Week 01
Check your progress

Week 02
Strengthen your weaknesses

Week 03
Review the progress once again

Week 04
Review the whole process

  • Arrange an official practice test once again and review your performance.

  • Determine your strengths and weakness by scoring your test.

  • Use high quality prompts to practice essays.

  • To address your weaknesses respond to high quality questions. 

  • Take the 3rd practice test so that you understand the formats fully.

  • Score and analyze all tests deeply and point out main events.

  • Review all the strategies you have learned.

  • Point out the gains and loss of the whole process.

Plan 02: Three months low intensity plan

This is also a three months plan but with much lower intensity. This plan is favorable for those individuals who have average or above average base line scores. The plan is composed of 40 hours in total or 3 hours a week. This plan will access you to gain up to 4 marks in average. As this plan is also 3 months, therefore it summer is the ideal time for the execution of this plan. 

1st Month

Week 01
Find your baseline score

  • Look for an official test and take it.

  • The test should be official ACT test.

  • Score the test after attempting.

  • This will take four hours in total.

Week 02
Learn the ACT format

  • Analyze the ACT baseline score.

  • Learn about the ACT test format.

  • This process will take 3 hour 30 minutes in total.

Week 03
Focus on English

  • Learn the English test format.

  • Learn ACT topics, grammar and punctuation rules.

  • Practice the graf-by-graf strategy.

  • This will take 3.5 hours.

Week 04
Turn to reading

  • Learn about the reading test format.

  • Learn the reading practice strategy and practice questions.

  • look for vocabulary words and practice them.

  • This week consumes 3.5 hours.

2nd Month

Week 01
Focus on Math's

Week 02
Go deep into Math's

Week 03
Turn to Science

Week 04
Check your progress

  • Learn and practice the ACT math's test format.

  • Learn basic concepts and basic necessary formulas.

  • 3.5 hours are utilized in this week.

  • Learn the Key concepts of algebra and functions.

  • Learn about geometry and trigonometry.

  • Review all other key concepts.

  • In this week 3.5 hours are utilized.

  • Learn about the ACT Science test format.

  • Practice the skimming passage strategy.

  • Go through all the necessary topics of science.

  • This section also take 3.5 hours.

  • Take an official practice test of ACT.

  • Score the test yourself.

  • Look how much you have improved since the baseline test.

  • This will take about 4 hours.

3rd Month
strategies and reviews

Week 01
Identify strategies for each section.

  • Practice English and reading strategies.

  • Learn critical rule strategy.

  • Practice math and science strategies. 

  • This will take 3.5 hours.

Week 02
Review the performance (again)

  • Take the 3rd and final practice test.

  • Score the test.

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses.

  • The test suggested time is 4 hours.

Week 03
Work on your weaknesses

  • Identify your weak points.

  • Compare the three tests you have attempted over the months.

  • Suggested time for this task is 3.5 hours.

Week 04
Review the whole process

  • Rehearse all the concepts, strategies and skills.

  • This weak you should calm your nerves.

  • 3.5 hours is the suggested time for the task.

Plan 03: One months high intensity plan

This plan is short time and includes a lot of work. The individuals will have to give extra time and this plan is valid for those individuals who have enough knowledge of the ACT. Students who have healthy baseline score can try this plan for preparation. The plan consists of total 40 hours, that means 10 hours a week. The time period for this plan is not that long but individuals welling to work hard with focus succeed with this plan.

Week 01
Learn about the study structure

Week 02
Identify important topics

  • Appear in official practice test of ACT to know about your baseline score.

  • Score the test and analyze your results.

  • Learn about the whole struct of of ACT test and its timing.

  • Learn and practice Math's test format, English test format, Reading test format and Science test format individually.

  • Identify the important grammatical topics and start preparing them.

  • Learn about the important vocabulary.

  • Prepare the important Mathematical topics like algebra, geometry and mathematics.

  • Memorize all the important Mathematical formulas.

  • Understand and practice reading graphs and tables for science.

Week 03
Make strategies and review your performance

Week 04
Revise and practice

  • Practice English, Math's and Science passage reading Strategies.

  • Learn, understand and practice all key concepts and strategies for ACT test.

  • Practice plugging in numbers and plugging in answers.

  • Appear in another practice test and then score the test and analyze your performance.

  • Identify the most difficult topics of the whole ACT test.

  • Practice again those topics.

  • practice the strategies which work best for you.

  • Look how you have followed the pattern.

  • Analyze your grammatical and vocabulary mistakes.

  • If you are planning to attempt writing test then go through that section in this week.

Plan 04: Six months medium intensity plan

This plan is the most ideal for every type of students. This is the most balanced approach towards the preparation. The plan lasts for 6 months which means 24 weeks. The total number of hours consumed in this plan are 150 hours or 6-6.5 hours a week.  The plan is relaxed and individuals can attend it in their desired time. Summer months can be considered as the ideal time for the plan. Up to 9 points can be gained by the implementation of this 

1st month

Week 01

  • Identify your baseline score.

  • Understand the ACT format.

  • Take ACT Practice test.

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Week 02

  • Know about the test structure.

  • Understand about the English test format.

  • Understand the format of reading test.

  • Focus on grammar.

Week 03

  • Know about the math's test topics and format.

  • Understand what is science test format and necessary topics.

Week 04

  • Select reading passage strategy.

  • understand graf-by-graf strategy.

  • practice passage reading strategy for Reading and science.

2nd month

Week 01

  • Know about the content of math's.

  • Learn basic math's concepts and formulas.

  • Focus on topics related to algebra.

Week 02

  • Move towards reading and English content.

  • Learn and practice grammar, vocabulary and punctuations rules.

  • Try reading passages through skimming.

Week 03

  • Learn extra math's and science topics.

  • Cover all the necessary basic topics of science.

  • Cover topics like geometry and extra topics like Trigonometry in math's.

Week 04

  • Check the whole process.

  • Take a practice test.

  • Compare the first and second test.

  • Analyze the missing points and review the missed questions.

3rd month

Week 01

  • Look for different English and reading strategies.

  • Practice those areas which are week.

  • Look into sample tests and identify your weaknesses.

Week 02

  • Identify unique math's and science strategies.

  • Practice plugging in answers and numbers for math's.

  • Understand reading graphs and tables.

  • look for additional useful strategies.

Week 03

  • Analyze, review and practice.

  • Go through important concepts of every questions.

  • Review other necessary concepts.

Week 04

  • Take another practice test. 

  • Analyze all the tests and review the results.

  • Analyze the whole process up till now and identify weaknesses.

4th month

Week 01

  • Move towards the essay.

  • Learn about the essay format and learning styles.

  • Practice writing essay and passages within the given time.

Week 02

  • Focus again on every questions.

  • Review every section.

  • Practice difficult questions you faced before.

  • Go through important concepts once again.

Week 03

  • Identify the most important topics and concepts.

  • Review those concepts.

  • practice these necessary concepts within the time.

Week 04

  • Review the progress of all four months.

  • review all the strategies you used.

  • Take another practice test and analyze it by comparing with the previous tests.

5th month

Week 01

  • Turn to math's section once again.

  • Review all the necessary topics.

  • Practice those topics of math's you are struggling with.

  • Review your strategies.

Week 02

  • Revise the English topics.

  • Extra focus on grammar and vocabulary.

  • Practice the topics with which you are struggling.

Week 03

  • Review English topics and focus on the most important ones.

  • Practice the topics you are struggling with.

  • focus on reading passage strategy.

Week 04

  • Review the reading topics.

  • practice your areas of weakness.

  • Point out all the negative points of your preparation from each section.

6th month

Week 01

  • Check your whole progress among all the sections.

  • Make a list of strengths and weaknesses.

  • Work on all the weaknesses.

Week 02

  • Take a practice test according to the rules and regulations of ACT.

  • Score the test.

  • Identify whether the weaknesses were covered or not.

Week 03

  • Review all the test you appeared up till now.

  • Look if you have still weaknesses in English, Math's, Reading or Science.

  • If Weaknesses found work on them again.

Week 04

  • Light preparation and review on the whole plan.

  • Revise the topics lightly and get good rest two nights before the test.

  • Appear in the original test with free mind.

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