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Are Admission Tests Like SAT & ACT Still Relevant in College Admissions?

With the decreasing impact of ACT/SAT in the admissions to the colleges and universities the parents are confused whether their students should take these examinations or not. Here we will guide you why these examinations are necessary or not.


In the end of 2019 Covid-19 pandemic appeared and took the world by surprising disaster. The educational institutes switched to virtual learning instead of physical. Therefore, the standardized tests for admissions like ACT/SAT also transformed to online examination. Due to this factor most of the institution opted to not make the test compulsory for admission. In 2023 admissions about 80% of the institution does not require ACT/SAT. The question arise does these scores & examinations matter or not? The answer is yes because the scores are permanent while the decision of institutes is temporary.

Secondly, Now a days there are two conditions one is optional scores while the other one is ignored scores. Optional scores means that the institutions has not made the submission of the scores compulsory but still they can make an impact in your admission. Ignored scores means that the scores doesn't matter in the admission process even though if they are submitted. There are very few educational institutes who opt for ignored scores.

Most of the prestigious universities transformed to optional scores while pandemic but now majority of them are returning back to the conventional tests. It is expected that soon the high ranked universities of the country will return to the ACT/SAT examinations for admission. Therefore, it is necessary for you as a students to check the portal of the universities before proceeding with the admission process.

Making the scores optional and not ignoring them completely was a good decision by the institutes in the pandemic. Because this test provides an equal opportunity to every class of the students. Students from poor background can also avail the opportunity of higher and quality education through these examinations. Therefore, to make the test scores optional while the pandemic was a wise decision and helped many of the students at that time in securing admissions.

To conclude it is our advice to students that do participate in the examinations necessary for the admissions like ACT/SAT. This is because institutions who ignore these tests are very few in number while those who accept are of higher quality and class.

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