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College Essays: 3 Steps that will make your essay unique

Updated: Feb 16

On majority occasions students lake the steps to proceed with their work. Even gifted students find it hard to start a particular activity, they need guidance and framework to proceed with a specific task. Essay writing is not as simple as it looks, it requires dedication, attention and specific mechanism. Here we will present three easy steps that will differentiate your essays from others.

Be Authentic

This is one of the important task to be completed while writing an essay. Essay can be of different types e.g. about country, city, school, college, finance, sports and yourself etc. Therefore, authenticity is demanded in each category. Including false arguments will result in weakening your stance. It is important to write facts rather then speculations. As no one is perfect; therefore, it is necessary to write true information about yourself while noting down information. This portrays the real or true inner person in yourself. Alongside that, the goals and objectives of the essay should be specific and near to reality.

Style and Flow

If you want to convey proper information and ideas so you should maintain proper style and flow. Your essay should be in a step by step mechanism, explaining everything thoroughly. It is important that each paragraph focuses on a single objective, in this way the reader will find it easy to understand. It is wise to consult with a tutor before writing the essay as he will guide you through style and flow of each essay.

Target individual essay

Majority of the times students choose template essays and edit information in them. This is the advantage of technology that we have specific information before starting the essay but it is also a disadvantage in a way that students ignore purity. Focusing on each essay individually consumes more time as compared to others, but it ensures quality.


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